Networks and data are
becomming mission
critical to buisnesses and
enterprises.   Relying on
wireless technology to get
your endpoints connected
can be a frustating in
noisy wireless enviroments.
        For this reason we specialize in connecting all endpoints with copper UTP, Fiber or Coaxial inwall or conduit. Providing a patch panel to wall plate solutions.    Each connection certified ISO guaranteed.
Structured Cabling
All networks need a good footing to be able to grow and function in all weather.

Our expertise can help you
design, build,
secure and
install a network
that will be optimal
and have plenty of room for future expansion.   

Have a network that is out of control already? 
We can tame any network and give you the tools and map to make it work for you instead of you working around it.
Network Engineering
Outsourced IT
Owning a
today is
and as with
any buisness
your IT often
becomes Mission critical.  Requiring expertise and quality to ensure you get the most from your infrastructure.

When a full time IT manager  is not in the budget we can offer you the same results at a fraction of the cost.
When it comes to your online hosting and service needs such as VPN,
Web, Storage, ecommerce or
combination of all the above
we can make sure you
avoid the costly mistakes
that cause delays and
high buget overruns.

In our private Datacenter we host with military reduncancy and High Availability. Anything from websites to application servers to cloud storage and backup solutions that make your online needs worry free and resiliant.
Mythsolutions specializes
in data center operations. 

We aid in Design, Cabinet
installations, Electrical grid,
Climate control as well as
Remote hands and service.

If your looking to create your own in house mini data center or a full service data center  for clients or needing trusted hands on your equipment in existing DCs we are there for you with our ledgendary experience and reliability.
Data Centers
We provide telecomunication
services from A to Z for all
sizes of needs.  We ensure
our customers image is
enterprise level with all the
enterprise features. at 1/4
the traditional cost.   

Seemless integration of  remote offices, remote employees, office extensions and mobile phones in one solution.  

IP Telephony
-- Turning IT myths into solutions since 1997
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